IEM - Advanced Job Management

Advanced Job Management is a complete project management solution to manage projects effectively. Define project deliverable, costs, tasks and task sequence, and planning up front. Track project task progress with lifecycle-based status control, and charge costs (including resource, material, and equipment usage) to a project during execution.

Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central sales, purchasing, assembly inventory and warehouse management, manufacturing, and service management functionality keeps you in touch with every aspect of a project through its execution.

Job States

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Learn to setup Advanced Job Management Templates, define Job Features, Cost Types, Roles and Surcharges. Manage the business process around a Job through a Lifecycle, where necessary extended with approval workflows. Advanced Job Management setups
Learn about the Project Manager Role Center Role Center
Job Planning State - Learn about estimating a Job by defining the main elements and the activities required to create that element. Estimate the costs in the main cost types: Resources, Expenses, Material and Equipment. When done use the Create Job Task Matrix to create Job Tasks for each Element and Activity combination. Planning and Estimating
Job Quote State - Learn about creating Job Quotes directly, from a Planned Job or an Opportunity. Archive Job Quotes to create new Versions or restore Archived Job Quotes to a new Version. Promote to Job Quote to the order state or make a Job from a Sales Quote Quotation and Budget
Job Order State - Learn how to procure material and resources for a Job. Create Purchase -, Production - and Assembly orders from the Job Planning Line. Calculate a Job Specific planning. Allocate Resources to a Job Task or plan resources per Day. Purchase resource capacity. Order and Work Preparation
Learn how to work with change orders by creating Job Tasks from Job Change Orders. Change Orders
Learn about the different Invoicing Methods besides the standard Time and Material: Fixed Price, Deliverables and No Invoicing and Work with Contract Lines to create Sales Invoices for the Job. Invoicing
Learn how to create multiple Budgets for a Job and how to set progress % to Forecast an Estimate at Completion Project Management and Administration
Learn how to Combine Jobs from for the same customer. Combined Jobs

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