Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.
The solution has been designed with Project Based Manufacturing in mind as the preferred method for the To-Order type industry.
Project Based Manufacturing or Engineer-to-Order (ETO) are also referred to as Custom, Make-to-Order or Contract manufacturing companies. All these terms describe a style of manufacturing rather than an industry segment.
The IEM functionality covers the end-to-end business process from engineering through sales, planning and operations to service. The importance given to budgeting and forecasting makes IEM a complete project management solution which can also be used without the Manufacturing - and Service Integration for any project based operation.

To See
Getting Started with IEM. Learn about What's New. Installation of Lifecycles, Document Management and Label Printing Getting Started
Manage your Jobs from Planning through Quotations to Orders and Completion. Estimate Jobs in the Planning state, create detailed budgets for accurate Quotations and as a basis for following and forecasting progress on a Job. Advanced Job Management
Create Resource Tasks from Jobs, Assembly -, Service - and Production Orders to allocate, register and post Resource time. Create and manage Time Sheets per resource complete with Start and Stop functionality. Maintain yearly Leave balances as well as Expense Claims. Resource Management
Integrate resources in Manufacturing. Additional settings for subcontracting. Calculate optimal lot sizes. Additional settings to monitor progress in production orders. Manufacturing Integration
Create Service Objects from Job Deliverables and Service Items from Job Items. Consume Service Orders in Jobs. Create Maintenance plans for equipment. Service Integration
Package, transport and plan delivery from Jobs Transport & Deliveries