Product Engineering for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Getting Started with Product Engineering

Product Engineering is a set of products to support discrete manufacturing. Originally developed for Dynamics NAV the products are now also available through AppSource as individual apps.

App installation

For the initial installation of the apps you need the publish url's:

Once installed updates are managed through the Business Central admin page.

App installation on-premises

To install the individual apps in Business Central on-premises you must first download the installation package from the STAEDEAN download portal. Note: Contact TI-support if you require access credentials
Once downloaded use a PowerShell script to install the apps in your database as explained here for Quality Management

To get started with Product Engineering on Dynamics 365 Business Central, the following links provide information about installation and configuration as well as license requirements.

To See
Installation and Configuration Installation
What's New in PE for Business Central What's new?

Product Engineering for Dynamics Business Central requires the following apps (For on-premises deployments add the "Previous Granule" to the customer's license):

Component Description Previous Granule
Mandatory - Platform
TI-Common Integration Platform Base These granule are a library of tools implemented in all other components based on the Integration Platform and integrated with the Microsoft Workflow functionality. This granule is the basis for all STAEDEAN solutions and products. 11.068.690
Product Engineering
QM Quality Management with its main focus on items to set quality measures and report and track incidents with items. 11.093.610
EC Engineering Changes to structure and manage the communication about products between operations and engineering v.v. 11.093.500
LS Lifecycle Studio with Item Status to manage the Lifecycle of your products. 11.028.800

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