IEM - Manufacturing Integration

Extend the manufacturing functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV by linking resources to machine or work centers for integrated resource planning. Add dimensions to the bill of material, combine subcontracting functions by using a convenient wizard, track the progress of production orders, and calculate optimal lot quantities.

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Setup, Overview of the options in Manufacturing Integration Setup. Manufacturing Integration Setup
Planning Advanced consists of a set of smaller functionalities which improve the planning functions of standard NAV. Planning Advanced
Planning Information displays the Production Planning per production order line Operation. Planning Information
Unit Dimensions For the industries where production deviates from the standard one dimension (i.e. pcs, weight or length) this feature supports the production calculation for multiple dimensions (i.e. M2 and M3). Unit Dimensions
This feature helps controls the workflows of Subcontracting and sends warnings to the user if previous processes are not finished.Set additional warnings when Subcontracting on: Warning in Output Journal; Check if Invoiced; Accept Deviation at Receipt Subcontracting
Set additional checks and warnings on the Progress of production orders Progress Registration
To calculate the optimal Lot Size for items, balancing Setup and Runtime costs Production Calculation
Add Resources to operations or calculate the capacity of machine-and work centers based on resource capacity Resources in Manufacturing
Combine operations in a single Resource Task How To : Combine operations

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