IEM Transport and Deliveries

Transport and Deliveries main function is to package, transport and deliver material from a Job. Besides this main function Transport and Deliveries can also be used for Purchase -, Sales -, Service - and Transfer Orders. In Jobs Transport and Deliveries replaces the delivery lines and sales order based functionality from previous IEM versions.

Transport and Deliveries build-up

Transports and deliveries can either be pushed from the Job Task as Delivery Shipment from which Picks are created and packed in Containers to be combined in Transport Orders which are added as stops to a Delivery Trip.
A pull scenario is also possible by planning a Delivery Trip, create a Warehouse Shipment and select the Planning Lines as source documents. From that, pick and package the Containers and create Transport Orders which automatically become part of the Delivery Trip created earlier.

Transport and Deliveries consists of:

  1. Containers - To package delivery items from the planning line as part of the delivery shipment. Containers are also the basis for the Transport Orders as the container detail line not only carries the item information bu also the shipping details like shipping address, - method, - agent and agent service code.
  2. Transport Orders - Combines containers in a transport from pickup to delivery. A Transport Order is created from a container or the container is added to an existing transport order if it matches the same shipping information and still has the status open. Transport Costs can be added and posted to be retrieved and matched in purchase invoices from the shipping agent.
  3. Delivery Trips - Add transport planning by combining transport orders in a delivery trip.

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