IEM Service Integration

Service Integration integrates the Advanced Job Management with the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Service module in 2 ways:

  1. From Jobs to Service
  2. From Service to Jobs

From Jobs to Service

Once a Job is finished a company might want to transfer the end-result of the Job (the Deliverable) transferred to the installed base and from there manage it through the service department. This transfer can be managed from 2 levels:

  1. The Job Deliverable to be linked to a Service Object
  2. The Job Item to be linked to a Service Item

The process of creating a Job Deliverable should be considered as a hand-over between project – and service manager, link job items to create an as-installed structure. Connect Service Orders to Jobs and consume time and material from the service order to the Job. Create Maintenance Plans for Resources of the type machine or Work –and Machine Center. Set service intervals by date, quantity or an estimated yearly usage Service Objects are part of the STAEDEAN Service Integration and have been introduced as the service side equivalent of a Job Deliverable. The Job Deliverable is the end result of a Job and in most cases customer specific. A Service Object can be easily created from the Job Deliverable and already in an early stage of the Job in order to involve the Service Department early.In the Service Department the Service Object is an aggregation level for the Service Items. Since the Service Object is customer and location specific only Service Items with the same customer can be linked to the Service Objects. The Service Object can also be used in a Service Contract, selecting the Service Object will automatically insert the linked Service Items in the Service Contract Lines. From the Job Service Items can be created from Job Items, which are created when used in the Job, and in the same action linked to the Service Object. In this way the Service Object can be build up from within the Job to reflect a true "as installed" product structure.

From Service to Jobs

By selecting a Service Order Type you can link a Service Order to an existing Job or create a new Job based on a template. All consumption on the Service Order will be posted from the Job from where it can be invoiced.

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