IEM - Resource Management

IEM relies on integrated resource planning and time registration functionality. You can use the planning functions of manufacturing, jobs, and service to create resource tasks. Assign resources to tasks to make them load automatically into resources' timecards. Maintain timecards from within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or through the STAEDEAN Resource Portal. A lifecycle that allows a flexible approval process supports time-sheet processing. The solution also includes functionality for expense claims and leave management.

To See
The main setup tasks for Resource Management as well as an explanation on how to link a user ID to a resource code, work types, link units of measure to capacity units, resources and resource groups. Resource Management Setup
Resource tasks are the basis for time registration. Create and manage resource tasks from the different planning functions to link the tasks to their source documents. Assign resources to these tasks to plan the capacity. Resource Tasks
Register time by selecting resource tasks in the timecards or use the start/stop function. Set and apply calendars to allow for break - and over time. Optionally approve timecards before posting. Time Registration
To have complete insight in resource availability you need information on leaves and absence. Leave agreements are assigned to resources yearly and handled at year end for the balance. Leave Management
Claim and approve expenses and invoice them to G/L Accounts, Customers or Jobs Expense Claims
Resources in Advanced Job Management: plan tasks for Resource Groups and have Teamleads handle them Resource Planning for Jobs
Resources in Assembly: use assembly orders with a, limited, capacity planning Resource Planning for Assembly
Resources in Manufacturing: Start and Stop production operations for operators and machines idependent from each other Resource Integration in Manufacturing
Resource Workload and Resource Avalabilty Workload and Availability

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