Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Getting Started

To get started with Industrial Equipment Manufacturing the following table provides links to and descriptions of the topics in this section.

To See
Installation and Updates Installation and Updates
What's New in IEM for Business Central Wave 2. IEM releases for Business Central
Creating an IEM demo database Checklist to create a demo database

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2 requires the granules as indicated in the below table. This table also shows the relation to the Application Areas (Basic, Extended, Advanced) in de IEM Application on AppSource. In the IEM Application User Experience and Application Area are linked:

  • User Experience – “empty” = Application Area: Basic
  • User Experience – Essentials = Application Area: Extended
  • User Experience – Premium = Application Area: Advanced

The following table lists the experiences that are currently available.

Experience Impact on User Interface
Essential Shows all actions and fields for all common business functionality.
Premium Shows all actions and fields for all business functionality, including Manufacturing and Service Management.

When you have made a change to users plans in Office 365 Admin Center, such as assigned more users to the Premium plan, you must reflect the change in Business Central.

  1. Sign is as an administrator.
  2. Type Alt-Q, enter Users, and then choose the related link.
  3. In the Users window, choose the Refresh all User Groups action.
    All new information about the users’ plans and their assigned user groups are now updated according to the plan changes.

To select the Premium experience You can now proceed to select the new experience.

  1. Type Alt-Q, enter Company Information, and then choose the related link.
  2. In the Company Information window, on the User Experience FastTab, select Premium in the Experience field.

Additionally You have to install the IEM Premium Application to enable the Advanced application area:

  1. Type Alt-Q, enter Extension Management, and then choose the related link.
  2. In the Extension Management window, select the IEM Premium Application.
  3. Select Show More Option in the line and click Install.
Component-Granule Description Appl. Area
Mandatory Platform Essentials User
N108-11.068.690 Product Registration - This granule is required to register, install, enable and upgrade the STAEDEAN granules and is mandatory for all STAEDEAN solutions and products. Basic
N108-11.068.810 Lifecycle Studio - Provides the platform for creating lifecycles as a state machine type workflow. Integrates with Dynamics Business Central Workflow to support approval requests. Basic
Mandatory AJM Advanced Job Management Essentials User
N050-11.014.510 AJM Foundation - Extension of the standard Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Job module. Fully integrated with purchase, assembly and sales. Alternative work breakdown structure can be defined per job based on, cost, Elements and Activities. Detailed Budget lines can be specified per task to set up cost estimations (pre-calculation). The detailed budget lines are accumulated so users can monitor budgeted vs actual costs at any level, as well as forecast future costs. Basic
N050-11.014.600 AJM Quotes and Quote Versions - Supports the calculation and quoting phase of a job. Functions for setting up various versions of a cost calculation are available. A job and its related data can be created as a copy of a quote. This granule requires AJM - Foundation. Basic
N050-11.014.520 AJM Resource Planning - Feature for resource (group) planning at job and task level. This granule requires AJM - Foundation. Extend.
N050-11.014.530 AJM Material Handling - Feature for detailed material planning, work preparation line planning, and purchase or assembly order (line) planning by job and task. This granule also enables Warehouse integration complete with Transports and Deliveries. This granule requires AJM - Foundation. (For production order integration MFG - Manufacturing Integration is required.) Extend.
N050-11.014.540 AJM Stage Payments - Installment value is determined on the basis of the agreed contract price by percentage. A planned invoice date can be defined for every installment. Released installments can be invoiced separately. This granule requires AJM - Foundation. Extend.
N050-11.014.590 AJM Change Orders - Supports the registration of additional work in Jobs and enables an approval process supported by a separate lifecycle and workflow. This granule requires AJM - Foundation. Extend.
Optional RM Resource Management Essentials User
N018-11.027.560 RM Time Registration - Feature that allows you to register time sheets per resource per period. The Time Sheet transactions are based on Resource Tasks created from Jobs, Assembly Orders or manually as User Defined. With Manufacturing - and Service Integration also production - and service orders generate resource tasks. Time Sheet registration creates Time Lines which, optionally, require approval and are the basis for posting Time Entries. Calendars support applying of break times and work types. Time Input Lines capture resource task start - and stop entries. When combined with MFG Resource Integration a closed-loop planning and registration cycle is enabled. Extend.
N134-11.027.800 RM Leave Management - Create Leave Agreements and register Absence for Resources or Employees and record leave consumption through RM Time Registration solution. Agree on the yearly balance as well as the carryover of the leave balance. Extend.
N135-11.027.830 RM Task Repository - The Task Repository enables integrated resource planning and assignment. Resource Tasks are created automatically from various planning functions. Resources can be assigned to these tasks to be added automatically to the time sheets. Extend.
N136-11.027.840 RM Expense Claims - Create Expense Claims per resource and use a dedicated lifecycle / workflow for an approval routing. Post to Jobs or charge to Customers. When the Expense Claim is posted a purchase-invoice is created to accommodate the pay-out of expenses. Extend.
Optional MFG Manufacturing Integration Premium User
N011-11.027.770 MFG Planning Advanced, - A set of tools to enable integration with Jobs: Job Specific BOMs and Routings, Job Specific Production orders to transfer Production WIP to Job WIP. Advan.
N012,27,32,95-11.027.010 MFG Planning Information - Dimensions Production BOM, Subcontracting, Output Registration, a set of pages to show the workload per work center or machine center. Makes it possible to define various units such as length, surface, volume, weight and more and use them in the production BOM lines to calculate the quantity. Change the planned operation to subcontracted and have the related information updated in one action. Enables easier registration and better insight into the progress of production orders by automatically posting normative hours, define points of completion, take scrapped quantity into account, provide a task-based progress registration. Advan.
N096-11.027.040 MFG Production Lot size Calculation - Feature allowing you to calculate the cost-price and the unit-price of an item using the setup - and run time costs; users can define different lot sizes. Available from the Item card as well as from Job Specific BOM's and Routings. Advan.
N110-11.027.050 MFG Resource Integration - Makes it possible to plan and allocate operators to work- machine-centers. With the Resource Tasks' Start and Stop function operator - and machine time can be tracked separately. Advan.
Optional SER Service Integration Premium User
N071-11.029.520 SER Service Integration - Combined with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Service module, Service Integration offers integration from Jobs to Service Objects and Service Items. Consume Service Order usage in Jobs and attach Maintenance Plans to Service Items and Equipment or Capacity Centers to enable Plant Maintenance. Advan.

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