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Release Update TI-Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

On this page you can find the instruction to install the Industrial Equipment Manufacturing apps on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Publishing Order

To ensure a correct Extension Installation publish the apps in the order of the list indicated in the following table. The Library apps are mandatory.

App Type Available Publish URL
STAEDEAN-Common library-App Yes ?aid=FIN&page=2503&filter=%27ID%27%20IS%20%2763ca2fa4-4f03-4f2b-a480-172fef340d3f%27&signInRedirected=1
IEM-Project Control Suite App Yes ?aid=FIN&page=2503&filter=%27ID%27%20IS%20%278f63296c-9299-46da-b6f5-1716b6eca935%27&signInRedirected=1
IEM-Resource Management App Yes ?aid=FIN&page=2503&filter=%27ID%27%20IS%20%272b42cabe-82b8-4a8d-ba47-3d81fd6838ae%27&signInRedirected=1
IEM-Manufacturing & Service Integration App Yes ?aid=FIN&page=2503&filter=%27ID%27%20IS%20%27184f6840-a348-4617-9d7a-9b753c53ff05%27&signInRedirected=1

Publishing a Cloud app

Apps that cannot be installed via App Source, but are published to the Cloud, can be installed via a publish request. This is achieved by modifying the URL of your Business Central environment and adding the Publish URL querystring. This query opens page 2503 which gives the option to publish the app defined by it's ID in the URL. More information can be found here

Updating _Exclude apps

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