Anywhere Mobility Studio Documentation

Process Configuration

This guide explains how the Anywhere Framework for Microsoft Dynamics BC works, and how one can use it to create or modify a mobile application for the framework.

Who should read this guide?

This guide is aimed at technical consultants planning to implement mobile applications. However the guide will also provide valuable information to other consultants or developers who plan to implement such processes.

A good general knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics BC functionality and data model is required.

What is discussed in this guide?

The following subjects are discussed in this document:

  • An overview of the framework
  • The framework data model
  • Creating and configuring a process,
    • Configuring behavior and navigation
    • Writing data to the database
  • How a process configuration translates to a process on the mobile client
  • Examples of process creation

The following table provides links to and descriptions of the topics in this section:

To See
Learn more about the framework Framework Overview
Learn more about the configurator The Configurator
Learn working with the framework Working with NAV Anywhere Framework
Learn more about expressions Working with expressions