Finding Pages and Information with Tell Me

This topic describes how Tell Me can help you quickly go to things like actions, pages, or reports, find information about how to complete a particular task, and discover additional apps and consulting services for Business Central.


When you need help finding something, use the Tell me what you want to do. Tell me what you want to do icon to search for it. You can also use ALT+Q to start using Tell Me.

When you start typing characters, Business Central immediately displays matches. Results in the list change as you type more characters. If you notice that when you enter the word "product" and the results include Items that's because Tell Me uses synonyms and alternate search terms to make it easier to find actions, pages, and reports.

The column to the right indicates the general category of the result. For example, whether it will open a list page or is an administrative task .

At the bottom of the Tell Me window is an action called exploring, which opens a feature overview that shows you all available features for your role or for all roles. For more information, see Finding Pages with the Role Explorer.

If you prefer to use your keyboard, use the Tab key and Arrow keys to choose an item in the results. If you press the Enter key on your keyboard without choosing a result, Business Central opens the result that is listed first.

Finding an Action on the Current Page

The On Current Page section lets you find and perform actions on the page you have open. For example, if the Sales Quote page is open and you type "customer," the section includes an action that opens the customer card for the customer chosen on the sales quote.

The list includes only actions that are available on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Actions on FastTabs are not included.

Finding a Page or a Task

The results in the Go to Pages and Tasks section provide access to other pages and let you perform tasks or look up information. If you use these pages often, you can choose the bookmark icon to add a link to any page onto your Role Center. For more information, see Add a Page Action to Your Role Center.

The pages and tasks that are listed depend on the user experience you chose for your company. The Essential experience gives access to fewer than the Premium experience does. The first time you sign in, you use the Essential experience. For more information, see Customizing Your Business Central Experience.

Finding a Report or Archived Information

The Go to Reports and Analysis section offers access to reporting tools. For example, you can open the Balance Sheet report from the list, or access archived documents and other information.

Finding Information in the Help

Under Documentation you will see articles from the Business Central documentation that describe concepts and provide step-by-step guidance for completing tasks in the application.

Documentation for third-party extensions is not included in the results.

Getting More Functionality by Finding an App on Microsoft AppSource

Our partner community is busily developing apps that add capabilities to Business Central that are available on Microsoft AppSource and are related to the keyword you searched for.

Searching for Data

The Tell me what you want to do function does not search for data, such as customer names, addresses, or transactions. Instead, you can search for data in list pages by choosing the Search list Search icon in the left corner of the list header. The search applies only to the list you are viewing. For more information, see Sorting, Searching, and Filtering Lists.


We have shown Tell Me to a range of stakeholders, noted the questions that they had in common, and turned our notes into a list frequently asked questions. If you are interested, see Tell Me FAQ.

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