STAEDEAN Business Central Documentation

Update BIS

Upgrade Apps

BIS for on premise comes with libraries, although those are rarely changed, when updating to a new major Business Central version, they will have to be replaced with new ones. This has an impact on the way apps are upgraded. See Update Libraries

Part of an upgrade is uninstalling the App version which are already installed. The upgrade can be down with the general provided scripts from Powershell.

Older versions of BIS (BC version 18 or older) apps also have dependency apps which are not visible in the extension management page (so called Exclude apps) in Business Central. Therefore we recommend to uninstall the apps by using a script.

Disclaimer! Scripts are not supported. To display all the apps you can use this command to check the apps and the version numbers:

For a clear overview of STAEDEAN Apps:

Get-NAVAppInfo -ServerInstance BC -Publisher "To-Increase"
  1. Uninstalling the APP(s)
Uninstall-NAVApp -ServerInstance BC -Name "[AppName]" -Version "[Previous version]"
  1. Publish new App (File)*
Publish-NavApp -ServerInstance BC -Path "[AppPath]"
  1. Synchronize App
Sync-NAVApp -ServerInstance BC -Name "[AppName]" -Version "[New version]"
  1. Data upgrade
Start-NAVAppDataUpgrade -ServerInstance BC -Name "[AppName]" -Version "[New version]"
  1. Unpublish App
Unpublish-NAVApp -ServerInstance BC -Name "[AppName]" -Version "[Previous version]"

Update Libraries

Before publishing apps with libraries, ensure these steps are taken:

  1. Uninstall the old libraries
  2. Install the new libraries
  3. Restart the Business Central Service
    1. In case multiple instances of the Business Central service are running, ensure all of them are down at one point, or the old libraries will remain loaded in memory

In case the new version is installed before the libraries/add-ins were deployed, the app will have to be unpublished.