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EDI Studio

EDI Studio is available both on On Premise and on App Source

STAEDEAN EDI Studio supports the progress of your business processes by enabling the exchange of transactional data messages. Whether you need to support a multi-company or multi-site implementation, or wish to implement EDI with your business partners, EDI Studio helps you manage the flow of information efficiently. The solution facilitates the exchange of almost any business-related document, including purchase and sales documents, service orders, warehouse transactions, and others.
EDI has been in use for many years among many companies, in various formats. Typical applications include purchase orders, acknowledgements, pricing schedules, order status inquiries, shipping and receiving scheduling and confirmation, invoices, and payments. EDI is, in essence, electronic paperless contracting between two commercial parties.

Connecting Supply Chain

The following parties can be involved in EDI projects:

  • Customer:
    The enterprise that is running Microsoft Dynamics BC and wants to use EDI for communication with its partners.
  • Business Partner:
    The partners of the customer, who state external requirements on EDI communication, such as EDI messages to be supported, formats to be used, communication ports to be used, contracts with different clauses, etc.
  • Partner:
    The Microsoft Dynamics BC implementation partner of the customer, who is responsible for the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics BC software and the EDI integrations.
  • EDI Partner:
    The EDI middleware provider, who is specialized in EDI message formats and reliable delivery, but who is not necessarily knowledgeable about the Microsoft Dynamics BC application.
    An ISV which delivers EDI Studio, an integration product for electronic document exchange.

The following flow diagram shows the general architecture when using STAEDEAN EDI studio to generate from and processing EDIFACT documents into BC:

General Architecture (EDI)

The only 3rd party that needs to be involved in the process is the EDI middleware provider.