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Notification Management

STAEDEAN Notification Management helps ensure accurate delivery of critical information to the right person, at the right time.
You can use Notification Management for Microsoft Dynamics BC to send e-mails automatically from Microsoft Dynamics BC to various e-mail addresses. The messages can contain any information from Microsoft Dynamics BC and you can schedule the delivery to specified recipients at specified times.
You can e-mail reports for external documents (such as Sales Order Confirmations, Sales Invoices, and Purchase Orders) as an attachment in PDF, Word or Excel formats. With Notification Management, you can send alerts automatically when certain events occur in Microsoft Dynamics BC.
You can configure messages in a template and link messages to information from the Microsoft Dynamics BC database. For example, when a new service task or support call is entered into the system, an automatic e-mail is sent to the employee who is scheduled for the task. A business partner or group of business partners can specify a notification type (Outlook or SMTP) and a report format (PDF, Word or Excel) for each external document. You can save notifications as templates for reuse.
You can use the HTML editor to implement your company's branding, improve the usability for Notifications and reduce the assosciated complexity. Also, you can save notifications as templates to be used as a basis for future notifications.

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