Microsoft Dynamics BC Documentation

Connectivity Studio

STAEDEAN Connectivity Studio offers powerful, extensive functionality and tools for creating a wide range of data integrations across multiple systems. By bringing together technologies in an agile and scalable way, Connectivity Studio can help unleash the potential of your existing infrastructure and ensure all your people work efficiently with critical business processes.
Connectivity Studio delivers an advanced integration solution for Microsoft Dynamics BC that simplifies integration between Microsoft Dynamics BC and virtually any external systems, as Enterprise Resource Planning ERP) systems, Financial Planning Systems, other Microsoft Dynamics BC systems and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) systems. Using Connectivity Studio, consultants can build integrations using pipelines and connections.
Therefore, Connectivity Studio makes it easy to meet specialized messaging requirements with minimal programming and higher levels of reuse. You can use the same procedures with all the programs to establish connections between companies or different modules within the same company. It reduces the amount of code you need to add, minimizes errors and increases re-use.